Wed 22 Mar 2023


Volunteering At Otherlands

1. What was your favourite part about being a volunteer at Otherlands?

"My favourite part about volunteering was feeling like I was part of the festival whilst being able to experience the music and enjoy the rest of the weekend."

"It was a great way to attend the festival without paying for a ticket."

"I met some great people who I'm still pals with now."

2. What was a day in the life of a volunteer at Otherlands like?

"It was pretty much as if I was there as an attendee, but I had to do a couple of shifts. It didn't really feel like work as I made so many new friends and had such a laugh."

"The shifts went super quick and I got to enjoy new aspects of the festival I wouldn't have otherwise."

3. What made you apply to be a volunteer at Otherlands?

"I really wanted to see Jamie XX, BICEP and thought the festival was super cool as it was brand new."

"I really wanted to get involved as it was a good opportunity to get some work experience as I'd love to work in festivals and events in future."

4. What was your favourite part of the festival in general?

"My favourite part of the festival was the vibe! Everyone was so nice and the music was great. | can't wait to come back this year!"

"Camping with my friends was super fun."

"I made some great memories."

5. Would you volunteer at Otherlands again?

"Absolutely, I think it would be great to do it again as I know what to expect this time."

"I can't wait to be part of the volunteer team again this year."

6. Did you make any friends while volunteering?

"Yes, I met a lot of different people while volunteering and just in general at the campsite. I actually ended up swapping Instagram's with them and we are definitely going to try to meet up again this year."

If this sounds like something you would be interested in, keep reading!

Volunteering is a great way to experience the festival for free, meet new people, get a foot in the door and become an important part of the team that creates the festival.

If this interests you - please apply below.

- You will be required to work 2 x 6 hour shifts throughout the weekend and must be available and onsite from 9am Friday 11th August - 12pm Monday 13th August

- Roles include wrist-banding at gates, general event assistance, stewarding campsites & general stewarding

- The campsite is open 24 hours so some shifts take place during the night 

- We endeavour to give everybody a fair spread of shifts, you will be given your shifts during the volunteer briefing on Friday 11th August

- We will always attempt to accommodate shift swaps but please note this is not guaranteed and you will be expected to work the shifts you are given

- The campsite will be accessible to volunteers from Thursday 10th August

- If your application is successful and you are selected to be a volunteer you will be required to pay a £50 security deposit, this will be refunded to you after the festival when you have completed both of your shifts

- You will be wrist-banded one day at a time [e.g. if you miss your Friday shift you will not be given a Saturday wristband and won't be able to enter the festival arena]

- Volunteers will be given 1 food token per shift

- The festival is strictly over 18s only


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