Key information for local residents


Festival  open - Friday 11th August 2023 noon 

Festival close - Monday 14th August noon

We are working closely with Scone Palace, Local Councillors, the Police and other authorities to ensure that any potential negative impact on the neighbourhood, particularly to local residents, is kept to a minimum.  


There will be a small level of production and contractor traffic on the build-up and break down 

days. The breakdown days will return the site to its original condition. The following is the on-site and event schedule: 

Pre-Event build

Mon 31st July - Thurs 10th August 08:00 - 20:00

Live Event 

Friday 11th Aug 12:00 - 01:00 Saturday 12th Aug 12:00 - 01:00 Sunday 13th Aug12:00 - 00:00 

Site De-rig

Mon 14th Aug  – Fri 18th Aug 08:00 - 20:00 


A noise management plan has been prepared in coordination with our noise management team to minimise noise nuisance to residents. The noise team will be on site throughout the duration of the live event, to monitor noise levels off site. The consultants will be in contact with the Production Manager and Sound Engineers and will be able to respond to noise nuisance issues should they occur and take remedial action, such as instructing the engineers to reduce the overall volume or adjust specific frequencies. Consultants will also monitor agreed points adjacent to residential properties, ensuring that the levels agreed with the Local Authority are not exceeded.

If you experience any nuisance caused by noise during the event, please call the Residents Noise Hot Line Number that will be available on this page in August – This will be staffed during show hours.


There is a strict traffic management plan put in place by CTM Traffic Management, minimising disturbance caused by production vehicles when entering the site. 

During the live days, there will be an increase in traffic, particularly on Friday 11th August and Monday 14th August as the majority of people arrive and leave from the festival. We are working with the road teams to put a robust plan in place and minimise traffic on the local roads. Further information will be available on this in due course when plans are signed off with the council. 


Security at the event will be provided by In House Security who have considerable experience with large scale events. SIA Security, Stewards & Traffic Marshals will be used outside of the festival perimeter at key crossing points to direct attendees safely towards the queue lanes of the entrance. SIA Security will also be positioned in key locations across the estate to direct traffic and prevent guests leaving on foot. 


If you would like any further information regarding the festival or to find out how you can get a discounted local resident ticket, please contact us by email on: